The Editorial Ultramarina Philosophy

1. Make use of new technologies to expand the field of promotion, distribution and sale of books of poetry.

2. Poets and their work are not tied. The editorial has exclusive rights to published books, but the content of each belongs to the poet – they are free to take their work wherever.

3. To offer a variety of prices (primarily free); the same culture for all tastes and budgets.

4. Evaluate the work of poets, illustrators, publishers and technology.

5. Be inclusive; make links between creators and regions; make hybrid books, genres, applications.

6. Open channels and business opportunities for new publishing models.

7. Profit is not the priority Editorial Ultramarina. The company is interested in creating meeting points between the reader and poetry, artists and the poetic. The publisher will distribute just enough to each project participant.

8. Publish  poets with deep humanistic implications. Poets seeking a path to the sacred, the intellectual, technological, sexual and affective.

9. Seek to link the culture/counterculture of our century.





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