Why do it the Cartonera way?

Technology: To make use of new technologies to expand the field of promotion, distribution and sale of books  (poetry and literature, printed and digital). The publisher believes technology is a tool, in which the human role is to link, join and explore new fields.

Real Humanism:  To publish humanist poets with deep implications. Poets seeking a path to the sacred, the intellectual, technological, sexual and affective.

Authors Own Their Work:  Poets and their work are not tied. The editorial has exclusive rights to published books, but the content of each belongs to the poet – they are free to take their work wherever.

Free Content: The publishing house was born from a project called Eloisa Cartonera, which emerged in order to provide economically troubled communities with a solution to a problem. The publisher  therefore contrives to offer different prices (primarily free); the same culture for all tastes and budgets.

Partial Compensation: The work of poets, artists, and publishers should be rewarded in many ways, finding ways to do so is a must. All involved in Ultramarina must win equally.

Profit: Profit is not the priority of Editorial Ultramarina. The company is  interested in creating meeting points between the reader and poetry, artists and the poetic. The publisher distributes just enough to each project participant.

Be Inclusive: The publisher aims to make links between various creators and regions; and to create hybrid books, genres, and applications.

New Publishing Models: To open new channels for different publishing models; find new ways of economic management for the publisher; to pursue the arts, not the excess of profit.

Recycling: The cardboard with which Editorial Ultramarina makes their books is 100% recycled. It is part of their motivation to take discarded materials and give them a new use; to make them into an object of art.

Unique Objects, Not Books: Never sell a book identical to another; sell unique collectibles (printed or digital).

Share The Knowledge: The editorial will spread the knowledge of it’s own publishing experience, in order to generate knowledge and experience elsewhere; it will give back what it gets from its own growth. The company’s purpose is also the work of cultural diffusion, bonding through the arts and through poetry. The ethic is for one and for all.

The Editorial Ultramarina Philosophy

Contact: editorialultramarina@gmail.com



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