What is Editorial Ultramarina?


What is Editorial Ultramarina Cartonera & Digital?

Cartonera & Digital.

What is Cartonera?
Cartonera is a new and dynamic publishing format that began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the economic crisis of 2003. Life was challenging at the time, due to high inflation. To survive, people turned to collecting and selling recyclable materials. A publisher – Eloisa Cartonera – conceived the idea of recycling cardboard in order to make book covers for poetry and/or prose. These covers were hand painted and then sold on the street.

What is Editorial Ultramarina?
Editorial Ultramarina Cartonera & Digital is a Spanish pioneer in the world of cardboard book publishing. The publishing house emerged in late 2009, and endeavored to combine two worlds in the production of literature: that of the digital, and that of the artisan book. A creative, modern piece is born from the coupling of these two aspects. The editorial was the first cartonera publisher to broadcast their books in a digital format, but there are now more cardboard projects with similar concepts.

New Publishing Model:
Editorial Ultramarina proposes an alternative way of business for the publishing world; one that has adapted to the current culture and the possibilities available. It provides flexibility, taking inspiration from both forms (artisan and digital) and incorporating other elements too:

a. Diverse way of purchasing (digital/hard copy, free download/pay for book)

b. Each copy is customised and unique.

c. Interacts with other branches of art (video creation, commercials, documentaries and visual workshops)

d. Performance in various countries (translation, production, presentation and sale in countries/other languages) – currently projects are developed in the United States, United Kingdom (where Ultramarina was the first cartonera publisher to arrive), France, Spain and soon Mexico.

Editorial Judgement:
The publisher works with a diversity of poets, who submit works of large, round and open poetic interest; works that make conscious, humanist effort to link (rather than divide). The publishing house is the result of seven years work developing cultural events between Mexico and Spain, conducted online among various regions simultaneously. Therefore there is a strong connection with other forms of expression ​​(digital world, video creation, sound art).

PLACA, Multi-artistic Creators and Cultural Work:
Editorial Ultramarina is a publishing house that involves poets, storytellers, computer experts, design, visual artists, musicians, and members of PLACA (Platform for Artists Chilango Andalusians). The important thing is not only to produce books, but to unite other arts and make a unique reading experience.
Specifically, the idea is to intertwine the craft and digital worlds in the production of the book.

Why do it the Cartonera Way?

Contact: editorialultramarina@gmail.com

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