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The Following extract is taken from an article published by ‘Queen of the Seas’ on cartonera publishers. It Gives a special mention to  Editorial Ultramarina C & D , while discussing an exhibition space dedicated to this unique publishing format (AECID Library at (Complutense University, Madrid):

«England is being initiated into the art of cartonera. The first book to cross the borders was Village of Stones / Pueblo die Piedras; a bilingual poetry collection from British writer Brian Lee. Each copy had a hand-painted cover, on recycled cardboard, by Spanish artist Rosa Beiroa. It was translated into Spanish by José Manuel Camacho cardboard and published (in Spain) by Editorial Ultramarina cartonera, who took it to the UK. In Spain there are several cartonera publishers: Casamanita Cartoneira; Cartonerita Ninabonita; Cartopies Cartonera; Ediciones Karakarton; Llibres de Cartó; Meninas Cartoneras; Aida cartonera… and Ultramarina Cartonera & Digital. Ultramarina Cartonera broke the boundaries of the usual concept. As previously mentioned, they published the first British cartonera publication, and did so with a bilingual edition – but, as the name suggests («Digital») this publishing house also publishes their books in a digital format, giving the option to purchase the book OR download it for free. They are book-binders and cardboard craftsman with digital broadcasting. The organization is very neat and allows you to be versatile in its shares, immersed in the broad field of cultural management. The publisher also set up PLACA (Platform Artists Chilango Andalusians).»

See the full article here

 People of stones Eng Flyer

Editorial Ultramarina, one of the leading Publishers of books from Spain in Cartonera format is now available in the UK! Cartonera is a new and dynamic publishing format That Began in Buenos Aires, Argentina During the economic crisis in 2003. Find and buy the tickets to all our events here: Stone Town - Header Contact us at:  ultramarinauk@gmail.com More information at  www.editorialultramarina.com/united-kingdom/ Download a flyer  here Life was challenging in those days of high inflation. To survive, people turned to collecting and selling recyclable materials. But good things come out of tough Often situations. A publisher had an idea for using recycled cardboard. The cardboard was used to make covers for books of poetry or prose. The covers Were hand painted and sold on the street. Cartonera! The notion spread. Not only books Were the fun and affordable, They Also Helped to Encourage literacy. Now there are cartonera publishers all over Latin America and the books are even being collected and archived in the University of Wisconsin at Madison. This September, we are launching Ultramarina Editorial at our series of books in bilingual editions – Inglés and Spanish – Both in Cartonera format, each book is hand-crafted by professional artists and illustrators – and in digital format. Stone Town Stone Village (Village of Stones) – poetry by Brian Lee translated by José Manuel Camacho Male Era, Era Myth, Era Beast (Man, Myth, Beast) – Poetry by Ivan Vergara translated by Jennifer Rathbun Carmilla – a novel by Sheridan Le Fanu, translated by Juan Frau Luz (Light) – poems by Juan Armando Rojas Joo translated by Jennifer Rathbun and more on the way!   And here the promo of Village of Stones and our workshops. [Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHsDEmNfXfE&w=420&h=315%5D [Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dufZp-KvcwA&w=420&h=315%5D

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