I. Village of Stones / Pueblo de Piedras – Brian Lee (Tr. José Manuel Camacho)

Pueblo de Piedras - Cabecera


Author (Biography): Brian Lee

Brian Lee (born 1949) grew up in Brighton, on the South Coast of England. He has published two books: ‘Songs for Gaia’ and ‘Village of Stones’. He has also produced albums of, what he describes as, sound compositions (see www.nakedlight.co.uk). Lee’s influences include: the poetry of Ezra Pound, the lyrics of Don Van Vliet, (AKA Captain Beefheart, singer/songwriter) and the traditional verse of indigenous peoples. He currently lives in London, where he works as an English teacher.

Translator: José Manuel Camacho

José Manuel Camacho (born 1983) has a degree from the University of Sevilla in Philosophy. Camacho has published work (poetry and essays)  in various anthologies and specialised magazines; his first book, Invitación al lago, was published by Editorial Isla de Siltolá, in 2011. He is a Literary Translator and Copy-editor at Editorial Ultramarina.

About Village of Stones:

Translated into Spanish by José Manuel Camacho, Village of Stones / Pueblo de Piedras is one of a series of  bilingual books (English and Spanish) that Editorial Ultramarina has published. It was launched in the UK on Friday 13th September 2013, at Brick Lane Bookshop. As part of the launch, Poetry Readings (by Brian Lee) and Cartonera Bookmaking Workshops were held (see ‘Events’ page for details).

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Download a flyer here

Promotional video from Village of stones.

Video 1


Poem by Brian Lee from the collection Village of Stones (http://nakedlight.co.uk/) [Above: Spanish/Below: English]

Video by Rafa Prada. There is no sound to this video.

Video 2

We are happy to show you the promo of Village of Stones and our workshops in London.

Autor: Brian Lee

Traducción: Jose Manuel Camacho

Portadas 1a tirada: Rosa Beiroa

Portadas 2a tirada: Rafa Cruces

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